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Clinton Wikileaks

A new batch of hacked Hillary Clinton emails were released by Wikileaks today. And unlike the previous round which were pretty mundane in terms of anticipated political corruption, these ones were shocking. Many people believe that the emails are frauds engineered by the Russians in the hopes of swinging the election toward Trump, but others are adamant that these are the real thing. At any rate, here is a handful of the emails between Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, her campaign manager and long time confidant:


To: John Podesta

From: HRC

Subject: Locker Room Talk


I think it is very humorous that your first name is slang for a person who consorts with prostitutes.




To: John Podesta

From: HRC

Subject: Re: Friends


That’s a really hard question!

I hope they don’t ask that at one of the debates! But of course if they were going to do that we’d know in advance because we’re colluding with the media in order to fix this election!

Anyway, I think out of all of the characters on Friends I’m most like Monica. She’s very organized and competent, and I think I possess those qualities, too.


Bill is a complete Joey.

You’re Chandler.



To: John Podesta

From: HRC

Subject: Manufacturing Jobs


As I was reading about human mannerisms last night I began to drift off on account of my alcoholism and debilitating Parkinson’s Disease. It’s getting harder and harder to hide all my afflictions from the voting public! All I can say is thank God they’re so gullible, stupid and deplorable—they’ll believe anything!! LOL! Imagine if my country actually needed me to help them? I’d probably have just dozed off after taking my meds, and even if I were somehow awake, I bet my hand would be too shaky to even push the button!

The truth is I wish I were as vital and powerful as Vladimir Putin! Just saying his name sends a surge of blood to my old genital regions! Isn’t that ironic? I’m about to become President of the United States of Deploria and all I want to do is pleasure Vladimir Putin!


And kill him.

I want to kill him and pleasure him.

John, did you know that Bill and I had a “safe” phrase?

We did.

Manufacturing Jobs.”

Bill shouted it out more than once.

I can’t wait to rule the world.



To: John Podesta

From: HRC

Subject: Re: Favorite foods


Thanks for the gnocchi recipe!

By the way, I tried the Trump brand steak, and I have to say—amazing! I had no idea a steak could be so delicious, so luxurious!

Courtesy of the Sharper Image Caption¤ ¤ Special Instructions:¤ ¤I'm giving a disc of photos of Donald Trump and his new line of steaks, carried by the Sharper Image, to photo -- need to have shots inputted into Merlin.

Really, everything that man touches turns to platinum!


PS: Hey, I was just thinking, imagine if the public knew that I killed a hooker with Bill back in 92! Boy, that would be a PR disaster! We really dodged a bullet there! And let me tell you, the crossbow, more than just being a truly excellent weapon, is also a real turn-on!

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