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International Men’s Day

My favourite holiday of the year is International Men’s Day.


Falling every November, 19th, this  day gives me an opportunity to celebrate my masculinity, honour the patriarchy and let my robust heterosexuality roar. It’s a day that I mindfully live to it’s full, manly potential.

This is the journal of my celebration:


November, 19, 2015

6:20 am

Fed the baby and told him stories of manliness.


9:00 am

Had healthy breakfast of granola and a smoothie, as I have a variety of health issues. Told a story about eating bacon to my wife Rachelle while she and the baby played with a “found” rattle (childproof pill container of my anti-anxiety medication) on the yoga matt.

9:30 am

Began to think of myself as somebody named John Steele instead of Michael Murray.

9:45 am

Took Heidi, our Miniature Dachshund, for a walk around the block. Felt good to be out in nature, hunting with my animal. Met two other Miniature Dachshunds, both wearing argyle sweaters. Their owner told me their names were Simon and Garfunkle and to watch out for Garfunkle as he was “crabby.”

10:00 am

Played online poker under the name of John Steele and watched a variety of hockey fights and leaked celebrity sex tapes.


11:30 am

Read “The Littlest Acorn of them All” to my son and then put him down for a nap.

11:45 am

Made my wife a smoothie as she was headed out to a series of womanly afternoon appointments.

12:00 pm

Sampugita, our friend’s nanny, came over to look after the baby. I asked her many questions about her personal life and what dating was like for a young woman in a foreign country. Told her about a few of the sports I used to play. Tennis, in particular.

12:30 pm

Told Sampugita to make me lunch.

12:45 pm

Got text from my wife Rachelle, telling me that making lunch for me was not one of Sampugita’s responsibilities, and that there was left-over quinoa in the fridge.



1:00 pm

Went outside and threw rocks at the stop signs. A few of the kids from the Frat House down the street joined in and for a brief, shining moment, we were a beautiful Northern European tribal pack fighting the enemy. Hail Odin!

1:15 pm

Went home and played with my electric train set while listening to Gordon Lightfoot and slow drinking Jack and Coke.

train set

3:30 pm

Posted my feelings, under the name of John Steele, on a men’s group message board.

4:30 pm

Watched Mike Tyson knock-out videos from the 1980’s, noticing that the boxers all had perfect, gleaming bodies, sweat-slick, they were tangles of beautiful male ferocity under the hot lights.


5:00 pm

Stumbled upon a video called “Johnny Rapid Goes Bareback.” Watched it while finishing my bottle of Jack. More posting on men’s message board under the name of John Steele. And then a little more.

6:00 pm

John Steele then went for a very long, confusing walk alone.

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