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Looking out my front window


While sitting at my desk and looking out the window I saw a young woman in a pink skirt and a black top passing by on the sidewalk. She was unbelievably happy, the sort of happiness you don’t often discover in the solitary, unguarded moments of pedestrians. There was a huge smile illuminating her face and instead of subsiding after a moment, it just kept getting stronger, evolving and reanimating her features. She was very nearly radiant, bursting with THE BEST NEWS OF HER LIFE. And as this door opened into her life, I watched, now slightly melancholy, remembering college days when oxygen was like light in the lungs, as she turned left and headed toward the horizon.


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  1. …I believe its a very SMALL window in our youth…smaller then we actually remember where that light was so PURE and BRIGHT. I believe the rest of our lives as we age, we are constantly trying to relive THOSE moments…mostly to no avail.

    September 29, 2013

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