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Posts tagged ‘Actors’

The Hater Mater

I am now in the App creation business. Read more

Hillary Clinton

On September 11th, Hillary Clinton had a medical episode of some sort. Read more

Jane Fonda Interview

Jane Fonda was in Toronto on Sunday attending the Jobs, Justice and Climate March. Read more


Starbuck’s #RaceTogether initiative Read more

Tom Cruise

The movie Risky Business, which launched the from-this-point-forward-it-will-always-be-in-your-face career of Tom Cruise, came out in 1983. Read more


Last weekend Rachelle and I took our dog Heidi to Christie Pits to have a little picnic. Read more

Going to see the Grand Budapest Hotel

Earlier in the week, with a bunch of friends, Rachelle and I went to see Wes Anderson’s latest film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Read more

Birthday Letter to Queen Elizabeth II

April 21, 2014, Read more

Celebrity birthday postcards

For a number of years now, I’ve been sending celebrities postcards on their birthdays. Read more

My correspondence with Wimbledon Champion and distant relative Andy Murray

Scottish born Andy Murray, who just won the men’s tournament at Wimbledon, is a distant relative of mine. Read more