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Posts tagged ‘Art’

Letter to our daughters

A friend of ours has two daughters. Read more

Leaked Transcript

Locker Room Talk with Trump
Read more

Outside the Hospital

Now that I’ve achieved a state of relative health,  Read more

Hillary Clinton

On September 11th, Hillary Clinton had a medical episode of some sort. Read more

Bitter Writer

Dear Bitter Writer: Read more

Jose Bautista

Baseball, my friends, baseball. Read more

Text Messages

These are the text messages that I received from my wife Rachelle Read more

David Bowie/Oregon Standoff

It’s been over a week now since Ammon Bundy and his armed band of Constitutional enthusiasts Read more


A friend of mine observed, “ That Kanye, he sure does bring out the racists, doesn’t he?” Read more

Postcards Received

Each day for the month of January, an unknown person has been sending me a postcard. Read more