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Posts tagged ‘China’

Questions to Santa

As many of you know, I’ve been working over the holidays for a service that answer’s Dear Santa letters: Read more

Trump Photos

When Donald and Ivana Trump divorced Read more


I was recently invited to join the Bunz Trading Zone. Read more


Today is Jennifer Lawrence’s birthday. Read more

The Skydome’s 100th Anniversary

The Roger’s Centre, the home of the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Argonauts, as well as serving as host to thousands of concerts, turned 100 on Tuesday. Read more

Speech that inspires Marshfield to lift its ban on video games

Back in 1982 the town of Marshfield in Massachusetts banned coined operated video games. Read more

China’s Moon Rover Jade Rabbit’s Letter Home

China’s moon rover, known as Jade Rabbit (or Yutu in Chinese), is about half way through a three-month research mission and is currently in grave peril. Read more

The Chinese Government’s use of propaganda in dealing with the smog in Shanghai


Achieving one of the highest pollution ratings in the history of the planet last week, the city of Shanghai was almost completely enveloped by smog. Read more

Michael Douglas HPV link to cancer–list of comparably disturbing things.

One of the more upsetting things to have happened in the last week was news that 68 year-old actor Michael Douglas attributes the type of throat cancer he had to the HPV virus, or more specifically, to cunnilingus. Read more

The Meaning of National Anthems

One of the pleasing eccentricities of the Olympics is that it gives us the rare opportunity to hear a multitude of national anthems. Read more