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Posts tagged ‘Comics’

Elmo Press Conference

Trump administration Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been replaced by popular Sesame Street character Elmo.

This is his first press conference: Read more


Donald Trump is the living embodiment of a cliffhanger. Read more

Text messages with Rachelle

Money is tight. Read more

A Real Man

What are some of the qualities of a real man? Read more

Jose Bautista

Baseball, my friends, baseball. Read more

Conference Call

Last week I was part of a Skype conference call between four people. Read more


A friend of mine is a third grade teacher Read more


As I took our dog for her walk we passed three teenagers Read more


The childhood teeter-totter wars between Rob and Doug Ford, as recollected by Doug: Read more

The Shirtless Jogger

One day, the Shirtless Jogger will be immortalized on a stamp. Read more