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Posts tagged ‘Dating’

The Hater Mater

I am now in the App creation business. Read more


The other day a couple of university students were walking up Madison. Read more

International Men’s Day

My favourite holiday of the year is International Men’s Day. Read more

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, an online nation of 37 million people looking to cheat on their spouses, has been hacked.  Read more

Twitter Essay

Toronto writer Jeet Heer (@Heerjeet on Twitter) has perfected something called the Twitter Essay. Read more

Discovering an advice column I wrote for my high school newspaper

When I was in high school I had an advice column in the Student Newspaper called “Rye Advice.” Read more

Note found in a cafe

A written note found in a newspaper at a Starbucks on Bloor Street: Read more

St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal on a Friday night

It might be that every 20 year old in the world is beautiful, but somehow Montreal amplifies this. Read more

Matchmaking on car 5021 heading west on the Bloor line.

It was near rush hour and the subway car was pretty close to full. Standing near to me were a man and a woman. They were so close together that their faces were just inches apart, their bodies merely one breath from touching.

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Letter of romantic intent to New York Met Ike Davis on behalf of my friend Yael.

Ike Davis is the 25 years old first baseman of the New York Mets. His father was a major league pitcher for over a decade, so not only does Ike have excellent athletic genes, but he also grew up rich.

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