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Posts tagged ‘Dreams’

The Lake

There’s a stillness to waiting rooms.
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Heidi Blog

As many of you know we had to give up Heidi Read more

Donald Trump’s Anxiety Dreams

I’m Batman and I’m surveying the great skyline of my city Read more

Heidi Cruz

Super creepy Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz
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Trigger Warnings

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is always controversial. Read more

Jones Dreams

Dreams I’ve had since Jones, our six month-old son, was born: Read more

Marcel–The Toronto General Hospital

Marcel had been dreaming of potatoes. Read more

The Alexandra Street Bridge

We thought it was a suicide attempt in spite of the fact that he told the rescue team it was an accident. Read more

Franzen Adopting a Child

American novelist Jonathan Franzen cannot identify with the “cynical and angry” younger generation. Read more

Medieval Manuscripts

A friend of mine is a Medieval scholar at a prestigious American university. Read more