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Posts tagged ‘Drugs’

ESP Experiments

Our son Jones is just over 16 months old. Read more

Christmas shopping on Queen West at dusk

Broken men, huddled near the doorway to the Salvation Army, look out at the passing shoppers. Read more

Text messages with Rachelle

Money is tight. Read more

Curious George

Eulogies For The Damned Read more

Hillary Clinton

On September 11th, Hillary Clinton had a medical episode of some sort. Read more


Beside the Madison Pub, just down the street from where we live, there is a little park. A number of homeless people hang-out there, and due to the nature of some of their activities, it’s become known as Hand Job Park.
Read more

Jose Bautista

Baseball, my friends, baseball. Read more

Queen East

The other day Rachelle and I had lunch at Joy Bistro on Queen East. Read more

Trump Penis Tweets

Donald Trump’s penis size came up at a recent Republican debate. Read more

Hospital Food

Hospital food is an atrocity. Read more