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Varsity Stadium


The other day I was in a cab heading east on Bloor Street. Read more

Atwood Condo Tweet Fight

As many of you know, literary genius Margaret Atwood and I have had an acrimonious relationship ever since I interviewed her for a fantasy baseball magazine ( ). Read more


Airports are stressful, infantilizing places. Read more

Commencement address

I don’t engage in public speaking very often, 
Read more


Beside the Madison Pub, just down the street from where we live, there is a little park. A number of homeless people hang-out there, and due to the nature of some of their activities, it’s become known as Hand Job Park.
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Medieval Manuscripts

A friend of mine is a Medieval scholar at a prestigious American university. Read more

SNL 40th

Grade seven was a bit of a shock. Read more


A friend of mine is a third grade teacher Read more

Ford Advice

The other day, Toronto Mayoral candidate Doug Ford was asked about some slur against the Jewish community his brother Rob had previously made while serving as mayor. Read more


The childhood teeter-totter wars between Rob and Doug Ford, as recollected by Doug: Read more