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Posts tagged ‘Facebook’

My mother’s letter to Margaret Atwood

My mother, who is just a little bit older than Canadian literary legend Margaret Atwood, has never been on the Internet. Read more

The Oscars and the Internet


I didn’t have much of an appetite for the Oscar’s this year. Read more

Women’s March

As I was sitting at my desk on Saturday morning Read more

Jones Dreams

Dreams I’ve had since Jones, our six month-old son, was born: Read more

Cecil the lion

As many of you no doubt noticed, the Internet lost its shit the other day. Read more

FBI Hack

My friend Rob Hyndman has begun acting weird. Read more

The Gratitude Challenge

I was recently asked to participate in the “Gratitude Challenge,” which you have no doubt seen proliferating throughout Facebook. Read more

Press Conference By Michael Murray


Good afternoon, everybody, happy Wednesday! Read more

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Celebrity looks truly toxic to me, a fate I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Read more

Jolly Roger Pirate Cruise in Barbados

The Jolly Roger is an All-You-Can-Drink Booze Cruise that sails out of Bridgetown in Barbados. Read more