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Posts tagged ‘Finance’

Melania Trump’s new speechwriter

Because of the controversy over Melania Trump’s last speech Read more

Donald Trump’s Anxiety Dreams

I’m Batman and I’m surveying the great skyline of my city Read more

Trump Christmas Movies

Donald Trump discusses Christmas movies: Read more

Rocky IV and American Violence

The other day I watched the movie Rocky IV. Read more

BuzzFeed quiz

The other day I wrote one of those time-killing quizzes for the web empire Buzzfeed. Read more

The Tar Sands

Someone I know recently posted a very short video he took of the landscape of some of the Alberta oil fields as he flew over in a small airplane. Read more


As my blog is very widely read and has a great influence Read more


In what is becoming a predictable holiday event in Canada, Read more

Ford Advice

The other day, Toronto Mayoral candidate Doug Ford was asked about some slur against the Jewish community his brother Rob had previously made while serving as mayor. Read more


On Sunday Rachelle and I went to Ikea in search of storage solutions. Read more