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Rachelle and I recently went off on our first weekend away without our two year-old son, Jones. Read more

In the park

Every park seems to have one. Read more

Trump Photos

When Donald and Ivana Trump divorced Read more

A Bird

I was walking up the street the other day  Read more

Saint Donald

Legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. 
Read more

Princess Margaret Hospital

Outside of the Princess Margaret Hospital people sat about taking in the unseasonable temperature. Read more

Text Messages

These are the text messages that I received from my wife Rachelle, Read more

Toronto General ER

The ER at the Toronto General, or anywhere in this city for that matter, is utter bedlam. Read more

Tunnel Diary

I guess I’ve been in the news a little bit lately. Read more


As many of you know, I’ve been looking for a job. Read more