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Posts tagged ‘Hollywood’

The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom

Only white people could come up with a name like The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. Read more

Chloe Sevigny

On Sunday my wife Rachelle and I went out for lunch at a restaurant called Union on Ossington. Read more

Jane Fonda Interview

Jane Fonda was in Toronto on Sunday attending the Jobs, Justice and Climate March. Read more


Leonardo DiCaprio will be attending the Iceland Writer’s Retreat this year in April. Read more

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

On Monday night Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Read more

Going to see the movie Pacific Rim

After grinding through a heat wave all week, Rachelle and I took refuge in the dark, cool of a movie theatre on Friday night. Read more

On Seeing the movie The Great Gatsby

On Sunday Rachelle and I went to see the movie The Great Gatsby. Read more

2013 Academy Awards

You could pick just about anything to get ticked-off about the Academy Awards. Read more

Jodie Foster’s Speech at the Golden Globes

Although I’ve always been aware of Jodie Foster’s reputation as a “serious” artist in the Hollywood context, I’ve never actually been struck by her work. Read more

Oprah’s Twitter Feed

I’ve been following Oprah’s Twitter feed  for quite some time now. Read more