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Posts tagged ‘homelessness’

Outside the Hospital

Now that I’ve achieved a state of relative health,  Read more

Queen East

The other day Rachelle and I had lunch at Joy Bistro on Queen East. Read more

The Bicycle Thief

There’s a Bloor Street regular who spends his days hawking Black History Month pamphlets. Read more

Toronto General ER

The ER at the Toronto General, or anywhere in this city for that matter, is utter bedlam. Read more

Going to the Dollar Store

The other day I was at the Dollar Store at Bloor and Bathurst and as I was at the cash paying, a woman suddenly appeared behind me. Read more

Going out to a restaurant in Toronto

Earlier in the week I went out to a restaurant on Bloor Street called Serra. Read more

The Heatwave

The heat has been punishing, booming down on the scorched concrete of the city like some mysterious weapon from space. Read more

Koreatown Moments

The other day I rode my bike into Koreatown to run a few errands, popping in to the Bloor Fruit Market at the corner of Manning. Read more

Putting out a fire in Koreatown

While cycling through Koreatown the other day I spotted a garbage bin on Bloor Street that had smoke drifting out of it. Read more