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Posts tagged ‘Ikea Monkey’

Justin Trudeau/Matthew Perry Fight

As most of you will recall, I went to high school with Matthew Perry. Read more


On Sunday Rachelle and I went to Ikea in search of storage solutions. Read more

Obituaries of animals made famous by the Internet

Maru, a Japanese cat who was born on May 24, 2007, achieved unprecedented celebrity through YouTube, receiving over 200 million hits. Read more

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: What He Was Thinking

As many of you know, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and I were accidental drinking buddies back in our College days at Carleton University in Ottawa. Read more

Twitter Conversation with Jose Canseco

For those of you who have forgotten or may never have known, 48 year-old Jose Canseco was a major league baseball player. Read more

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Christmas Card

Rob Ford, Toronto’s embattled, nearly ousted Mayor, sent out an e-mail Christmas card to all of his supporters this year: Read more

My Tango Class

I’ve been taking Tango lessons for the last three years. Read more