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Posts tagged ‘Internet’

The Mandela Effect

Roger Moore died recently. Read more

Cecil the lion

As many of you no doubt noticed, the Internet lost its shit the other day. Read more


I came of age before the Internet and will always be a migrant to this new, digital world, likely wandering around with a heavy accent, astounded and slightly out of step with all the natives who were born here. Read more

An Early Morning Visit

This morning, when I was not yet awake, the doorbell went off. Read more

A cab drive through the city

The other day it was 493 degrees in Toronto, a new high. Read more

On losing a contest

Each week a friend of mine hosts a webchat. Primarily, it serves as a marketing vehicle promoting both the interests of the publication he works for and the individual who was just featured in the paper. Read more

Student Protests in Quebec

It seems to me that the current Quebec student’s strike– in response to the government’s plan to raise tuition– is a matter upon which reasonable people might disagree. Read more