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Posts tagged ‘iPhones’

The Lake

There’s a stillness to waiting rooms.
Read more

Christmas shopping on Queen West at dusk

Broken men, huddled near the doorway to the Salvation Army, look out at the passing shoppers. Read more

Text Messages

These are the text messages that I received from my wife Rachelle, Read more


Like a lot of people, my wife Rachelle and I have a Netflix account instead of cable. Read more


The other night we went out for dinner at Foxley on Ossington. Read more

Text Messages from the Blackout

Last night while Rachelle was working late out in Scarborough, Toronto had another power outage. Read more

Visiting Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

There’s no sense of urgency in Charlottetown late on a Sunday afternoon. Read more

Going to the Live Organic Food Bar on Dupont

On the patio at Live Organic Food Bar sits a single East Indian woman eating some sort of vegan sushi. Read more

Michael Murray’s List of New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

Like a lot of people, every year I make a number of New Year’s Resolutions. Read more

My Tango Class

I’ve been taking Tango lessons for the last three years. Read more