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Donald Trump is the living embodiment of a cliffhanger. Read more

Curious George

Eulogies For The Damned Read more

The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom

Only white people could come up with a name like The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. Read more

Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper, the current Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party, is facing an election in about two months. Read more


Starbuck’s #RaceTogether initiative Read more

Hello Barbie

The newest version of the Barbie doll is named Hello Barbie and it’s a Fembot. Read more

Doug Ford Applies to Writer’s Retreat

Toronto hasn’t seen much of failed mayoral candidate and swaggering tough guy Doug Ford since the election. Read more


In what is becoming a predictable holiday event in Canada, Read more

George W. Bush’s self-portraits

A number of email accounts belonging to the Bush family were recently hacked, revealing personal material to the public that included two paintings by Ex-President George W. Bush.   Read more

Rexdale Detention Centre

In the holding room outside of the visiting area of the prison a nervous woman kept looking over at me. Read more