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Posts tagged ‘Mental Illness’


Beside the Madison Pub, just down the street from where we live, there is a little park. A number of homeless people hang-out there, and due to the nature of some of their activities, it’s become known as Hand Job Park.
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The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom

Only white people could come up with a name like The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. Read more

Toronto General ER

The ER at the Toronto General, or anywhere in this city for that matter, is utter bedlam. Read more

Bar Fight

On Wednesday nights when Rachelle’s playing hockey, I often go to a bar for a couple of hours. Read more


As I took our dog for her walk we passed three teenagers Read more

Robin Williams

My social media feeds have been swamped by remembrances of, and shared grief for the death of Robin Williams. Read more

Suggestions for icon Maple Leaf statue to be erected outside the ACC

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, the entity that owns the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, is currently devising a plan to erect an iconic statue outside of the ACC, the arena where the Maple Leafs play their home games. Read more