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Posts tagged ‘Monkeys’

Justin Trudeau/Matthew Perry Fight

As most of you will recall, I went to high school with Matthew Perry. Read more

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Letter of Apology to Councilor Karen Stintz

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has allegedly gone to rehab after the most recent video of him smoking crack surfaced. Read more

Post surgery questions for Rachelle

Last week my wife Rachelle had a minor surgical procedure that required she be sedated. Read more

Fun Facts: Our Barbados vacation in Tweets

My wife Rachelle and I are currently on vacation in Barbados, and throughout our trip I’ve been Tweeting interesting facts about this tropical paradise: Read more

Going to see the movie Pacific Rim

After grinding through a heat wave all week, Rachelle and I took refuge in the dark, cool of a movie theatre on Friday night. Read more

Post Secret for Animals

In the spirit of the popular web site Post Secret, where people send in postcards with their darkest secrets written on the back, I am creating a Post Secret for animals. Read more