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Posts tagged ‘Murder’

Trump’s Spotify List

World leaders making Spotify playlists for the public has become a thing. Read more

Harold Bornstein

You might recall Dr. Harold Bornstein. Read more

BuzzFeed quiz

The other day I wrote one of those time-killing quizzes for the web empire Buzzfeed. Read more

Haunted Sword

I recently came across this ad on Craig’s List: Read more


All across the world, we’re typing the words “Je Suis Charlie” into our computers.

Read more

Text Messages from the Blackout

Last night while Rachelle was working late out in Scarborough, Toronto had another power outage. Read more

Vladimir Putin’s Pet Corner

Dear Pet Corner: Read more

Found restaurant reviews

These are a collection of found restaurant reviews I’ve stumbled across online:  Read more

High School Students Write To Me About Zellers

A few weeks ago I wrote something for the Random House magazine Hazlitt in which I created a fictional website called RememberZellers. Read more

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Last night Rachelle had an ice hockey game at 9:00 pm. I expected she’d be back by 10:30 or 11:00, but when I hadn’t heard from her by midnight I decided to send her a text to find out what was up. What follows are her responses to my various messages: Read more