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Posts tagged ‘pop culture’

Heidi Blog


Today I have given the Blog over to Heidi, our Miniature Dachshund: Read more

BuzzFeed quiz

The other day I wrote one of those time-killing quizzes for the web empire Buzzfeed. Read more

Hello Barbie

The newest version of the Barbie doll is named Hello Barbie and it’s a Fembot. Read more

SNL 40th

Grade seven was a bit of a shock. Read more


I came of age before the Internet and will always be a migrant to this new, digital world, likely wandering around with a heavy accent, astounded and slightly out of step with all the natives who were born here. Read more

Endorsements for the mayor

On Tuesday, Toronto mayor Rob Ford had a meeting with boxing legend Mike Tyson. Read more

David Letterman: The Smartest Guy in the Room

On Thursday David Letterman announced that he was going to be retiring from The Late Show at some point next year. Read more

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Celebrity looks truly toxic to me, a fate I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Read more

Going to see American Hustle

It seems increasingly difficult to actually motivate myself to go and see a movie.  Read more

My Mother’s Open Letter to Miley Cyrus

My mother is 75 years old and sternly disapproves of Miley Cyrus, and after being told of the online battle between her and Sinead O’Connor, my mother got even angrier and decided to write an Open Letter of her own to Miley. Read more