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Posts tagged ‘Raccoons’

Hand Sanitizer Review

It’s become bluntly apparent that it’s impossible for me to earn a living working as a writer. Read more

Night Nurse

Through Rachelle’s pregnancy and the birth of Jones, our first child, we’ve learned an awful lot. Read more

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, an online nation of 37 million people looking to cheat on their spouses, has been hacked.  Read more

Rob Ford Raccoons

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford does not like raccoons. Read more

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford talks pandas

The city of Toronto just recently received two giant pandas from China—named Er Shun and Da Mao—who will be on loan at the city zoo for the next five years. Read more

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Last night Rachelle had an ice hockey game at 9:00 pm. I expected she’d be back by 10:30 or 11:00, but when I hadn’t heard from her by midnight I decided to send her a text to find out what was up. What follows are her responses to my various messages: Read more