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Posts tagged ‘Restaurants’

Christmas shopping on Queen West at dusk

Broken men, huddled near the doorway to the Salvation Army, look out at the passing shoppers. Read more

Queen East

The other day Rachelle and I had lunch at Joy Bistro on Queen East. Read more

A Bird Story

On Sunday Rachelle and I went out for dinner at La Societe with my mother and sister. Read more

Ottawa Shooting

Although I now live in Toronto, I grew up and spent most of my life in Ottawa Read more


The other night we went out for dinner at Foxley on Ossington. Read more

Walking the Annex

The man in the lineup in front of me at Shopper’s Drug Mart had a sloppy, walrus moustache, smelled of cigarettes and was buying an entirely mysterious amount of loose cans of Diet Coke as if they, and they alone, were the secret to his time machine. Read more

Chicken Rita’s in Barbados

We were told that Chicken Rita’s served the best chicken in all of Barbados. Read more

Assembling a barbeque

Over the years I’ve developed a reputation for being really bad at all things mechanical. Read more