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Posts tagged ‘Reviews’

Hand Sanitizer Review

It’s become bluntly apparent that it’s impossible for me to earn a living working as a writer. Read more

SNL 40th

Grade seven was a bit of a shock. Read more

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor has expanded and instead of just accepting submissions for various restaurants, hotels, vacation spots and the like, they are now taking illness reviews, as well.  Read more

Going to see the Grand Budapest Hotel

Earlier in the week, with a bunch of friends, Rachelle and I went to see Wes Anderson’s latest film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Read more

On Seeing the movie The Great Gatsby

On Sunday Rachelle and I went to see the movie The Great Gatsby. Read more

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Massey Hall in Toronto, March 23, 2013

On Saturday night Rachelle and I went to see Nick Cave perform at Massey Hall in Toronto. Read more

On Seeing the movie Zero Dark Thirty

Last night Rachelle and I watched Kathryn Bigelow’s new film, Zero Dark Thirty. Read more