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Posts tagged ‘Saints’

Outside the Hospital

Now that I’ve achieved a state of relative health,  Read more

Saint Donald

Legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. 
Read more

Princess Margaret Hospital

Outside of the Princess Margaret Hospital people sat about taking in the unseasonable temperature. Read more

Port Stanley Beach

It had been a long time since I’d been to water. Read more

Toronto General ER

The ER at the Toronto General, or anywhere in this city for that matter, is utter bedlam. Read more

Heidi Westminster Blog

Today I have given the Blog over to Heidi, our Miniature Dachshund. Read more

Late night correspondence with Rob Ford about the Cronut Burger

As many of you know, embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and I were enrolled at Carleton University in Ottawa at the same time. Read more

Taking the dog for a walk

The other day while taking the dog for a walk I saw an over-burdened woman approaching us from the same side of the street. Read more