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Posts tagged ‘Subways’

Trump Fan Fiction

Although Donald Trump was in disguise Read more

My Trump Protest

As I disagree with Donald Trump on everything, I’ve decided to do something about it. Read more

Rebrand for Toronto’s Bixi Bikes

Toronto’s bike sharing program– formerly known as Bixi– was characterized by massive, clunky black bikes that exhausted looking tourists– hoping for a whimsical zip through the downtown of the city– could be seen walking along the side of the road. Read more

Taking the subway in Toronto

On the subway the other day I stood up to offer an older woman–but not really that much older than me– my seat. Read more

Taking the subway in Toronto

The other day I was at the end of the line. Read more

A Toronto Afternoon

As the subway doors opened a tiny, incredibly ancient Asian woman stepped outside of the car.

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Matchmaking on car 5021 heading west on the Bloor line.

It was near rush hour and the subway car was pretty close to full. Standing near to me were a man and a woman. They were so close together that their faces were just inches apart, their bodies merely one breath from touching.

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Taking the Bloor Subway East

Heading east on the Bloor subway line a woman is hunched over reading a paperback copy of Pride and Prejudice.

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My most recent driver’s lesson

It had been ages since my last driver’s lesson and I have to admit I was kind of excited to get behind the wheel and see Alpas, my driving instructor, again. Read more