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Posts tagged ‘superheroes’

The Winter Olympics

This is an exchange between myself and the excellent Kathryn McLeod about what the best Olympic Winter sport is: Read more

The Hater Mater

I am now in the App creation business. Read more

David Wright, human interpreter….

Last night at Citi Field in New York City, the New York Mets fought back from a 2-0 deficit against the Kansas City Royals in this year’s World Series. Read more

Conference Call

Last week I was part of a Skype conference call between four people. Read more

An Interview Question Practice Sheet

A friend of ours owed us a small amount of money and dropped it off in our mailbox with a little thank-you note he’d sealed in an envelope yesterday. Read more

Putting out a fire in Koreatown

While cycling through Koreatown the other day I spotted a garbage bin on Bloor Street that had smoke drifting out of it. Read more