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Posts tagged ‘The Annex’

Letter to Margaret Atwood


The other day my book A Van Full of Girls 

Read more

Bar Fight

On Wednesday nights when Rachelle’s playing hockey, I often go to a bar for a couple of hours. Read more


As I took our dog for her walk we passed three teenagers Read more

Walking the Annex

The man in the lineup in front of me at Shopper’s Drug Mart had a sloppy, walrus moustache, smelled of cigarettes and was buying an entirely mysterious amount of loose cans of Diet Coke as if they, and they alone, were the secret to his time machine. Read more


The other day while taking our Miniature Dachshund Heidi for a walk, I came across a beautiful lamp that somebody had left out by the side of the street. Read more

A Taxi Ride

The other day I grabbed a taxi, and as I got into the back seat I commented to the driver, “ So, you think the rain is going to hold off again?” Read more

A Wednesday in the Annex

On Wednesday I walked up the street to the Annex Hodgepodge to get a sandwich. Read more

A Walk Along Bloor Street

A woman from the old world, dressed in mourning black, perhaps for decades since her husband died, walked by me on Bloor Street. Read more

Going to the Live Organic Food Bar on Dupont

On the patio at Live Organic Food Bar sits a single East Indian woman eating some sort of vegan sushi. Read more

A Walk Through The Annex In Toronto

The other day while taking the dog for a walk I stopped into a convenience store on Bloor where a young woman was talking to the man at the cash register. Read more