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Posts tagged ‘UFO’s’

Harold Bornstein

You might recall Dr. Harold Bornstein. Read more

Justin Trudeau/Matthew Perry Fight

As most of you will recall, I went to high school with Matthew Perry. Read more

Hillary Clinton

On September 11th, Hillary Clinton had a medical episode of some sort. Read more

Andy Murray Match Fixing

Scottish born Andy Murray, a Wimbledon champion who is ranked second in the world in men’s tennis, is a distant relative of mine. Read more


Bigfoot!! Read more

Tunnel Diary

I guess I’ve been in the news a little bit lately. Read more

Bill Murray Interview

At this point, it’s pretty widely known that Bill Murray doesn’t like me. Read more

Fun Facts: Our Barbados vacation in Tweets

My wife Rachelle and I are currently on vacation in Barbados, and throughout our trip I’ve been Tweeting interesting facts about this tropical paradise: Read more

Michael Murray’s List of New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

Like a lot of people, every year I make a number of New Year’s Resolutions. Read more

Text Messages From Rachelle

These are the texts that I received from my wife Rachelle while she was driving home from work yesterday: Read more