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Posts tagged ‘Waitresses’

100 Waitresses

From a work-in-progress called 100 Waitresses: Read more

The New Edinburgh Pub–A clean, well lighted place

There is no doubt that we will all be pulled into the shadows of this life at one time or another Read more

Going out to a restaurant in Toronto

Earlier in the week I went out to a restaurant on Bloor Street called Serra. Read more

Assembling a barbeque

Over the years I’ve developed a reputation for being really bad at all things mechanical. Read more

Text Messages to Rachelle from One Restaurant in Toronto

Late on Friday afternoon I stopped in at the patio of One Restaurant, an expensive, beautiful-people kind of place in the Yorkville district of Toronto. Read more

Going to the Live Organic Food Bar on Dupont

On the patio at Live Organic Food Bar sits a single East Indian woman eating some sort of vegan sushi. Read more