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Posts tagged ‘Aging’

Nadine Gelineau

It’s probably fair to say that in the year 1979, Ottawa was not a particularly “cool” place. Read more

The New Edinburgh Pub–A clean, well lighted place

There is no doubt that we will all be pulled into the shadows of this life at one time or another Read more

A Bloor Street Moment

An older man, still tall and vital in manner, crossed the street against the lights while the rest of his lunch party did not. Read more

Tom Cruise

The movie Risky Business, which launched the from-this-point-forward-it-will-always-be-in-your-face career of Tom Cruise, came out in 1983. Read more

Birthday Letter to Queen Elizabeth II

April 21, 2014, Read more

The Heatwave

The heat has been punishing, booming down on the scorched concrete of the city like some mysterious weapon from space. Read more

Clint Eastwood tests Google Glass

Google Glass is a wearable, head-mounted computer that responds to voice commands and displays information like a smartphone. Read more