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We are now living in the era of the dinosaur. Read more

Atwood writes my Mother

As many of you know, Canadian literary legend Margaret Atwood Read more

Atwood Condo Tweet Fight

As many of you know, literary genius Margaret Atwood and I have had an acrimonious relationship ever since I interviewed her for a fantasy baseball magazine ( ). Read more

Garage Sale

A week or so ago Rachelle and I had a garage sale. Read more

Letter to Margaret Atwood


The other day my book A Van Full of Girls 

Read more

Curious George

Eulogies For The Damned Read more

Commencement address

I don’t engage in public speaking very often,¬†
Read more

Beauty and the Beast

The NRA has hired me to rewrite some fairy tales so that they are gun-friendly. Read more

Trump Penis Tweets

Donald Trump’s penis size came up at a recent Republican debate. Read more


I grew up an innocent. Read more