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Posts tagged ‘Health Issues’

International Men’s Day

My favourite holiday of the year is International Men’s Day. Read more

The Chinese Government’s use of propaganda in dealing with the smog in Shanghai


Achieving one of the highest pollution ratings in the history of the planet last week, the city of Shanghai was almost completely enveloped by smog. Read more

Celebrity birthday postcards

For a number of years now, I’ve been sending celebrities postcards on their birthdays. Read more

Jodie Foster’s Speech at the Golden Globes

Although I’ve always been aware of Jodie Foster’s reputation as a “serious” artist in the Hollywood context, I’ve never actually been struck by her work. Read more

Giving Away A Gift Basket

On Thursday I found myself in the rather unusual position of giving a gift basket to a homeless person. Read more

The people you meet while walking a dog in the Annex

The other day while taking the dog for a walk, a woman stood beside us as we waited to cross Spadina. Read more

Going to the Eastern Market in Detroit

While in Detroit Rachelle and I stopped in for lunch at a place called Zeff’s Coney Island Restaurant. Read more