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Posts tagged ‘Memory’

Day 3

As of this writing, I am on day 3 of a 6 week stint at a pulmonary rehabilitation facility. Read more

Christmas shopping on Queen West at dusk

Broken men, huddled near the doorway to the Salvation Army, look out at the passing shoppers. Read more


The other day a couple of university students were walking up Madison. Read more

Nadine Gelineau

It’s probably fair to say that in the year 1979, Ottawa was not a particularly “cool” place. Read more

Beautiful Boy

Christmas evolves. Read more

SNL 40th

Grade seven was a bit of a shock. Read more


There are band-aids and hair in the garbage can in the washroom at the pub. Read more


Whenever I spend a weekend at a cottage it seems I get to know the other guests indirectly. Read more

A Dance Party

On Sunday night Rachelle’s niece had a little birthday party at our home. Read more

St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal on a Friday night

It might be that every 20 year old in the world is beautiful, but somehow Montreal amplifies this. Read more