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Super-Yacht Newsletter


This is a newsletter posted to the Super Yacht Community message board after the demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia : Read more

Trump’s Spotify List

World leaders making Spotify playlists for the public has become a thing. Read more

The Hater Mater

I am now in the App creation business. Read more

The Mandela Effect

Roger Moore died recently. Read more

Golden Globes

I was a teenager in the 1980’s Read more

Obscure Bible Verses About Baseball

The bible is long and weird. Read more

Trump Owned Mets

President Donald J. Trump’s Personal Notes preceding his ownership take-over of the New York Mets. Read more

Donald Trump’s Anxiety Dreams

I’m Batman and I’m surveying the great skyline of my city Read more

Trump Christmas Movies

Donald Trump discusses Christmas movies: Read more

Kim Davis

Since I recently became a father, making money has become very important to me. Read more