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Posts tagged ‘philosophy’

Bitter Writer

Bitter Writer is an advice column in which I answer any questions related to the literary world. Read more

Twitter Essay

This is my version of a Twitter essay, Read more


Jones, our ten-month old son, loves being outdoors. Read more

Jose Bautista

Baseball, my friends, baseball. Read more


Bigfoot!! Read more

Civil Rights Movement

I had benignly accepted that I live within the glow of white privilege Read more

Twitter Essay

Toronto writer Jeet Heer (@Heerjeet on Twitter) has perfected something called the Twitter Essay. Read more


I came of age before the Internet and will always be a migrant to this new, digital world, likely wandering around with a heavy accent, astounded and slightly out of step with all the natives who were born here. Read more


Whenever I spend a weekend at a cottage it seems I get to know the other guests indirectly. Read more

Chomsky on the beach

On Wednesday, as Rachelle and I were waiting to pass through customs into Barbados, we saw a man who looked exactly like famous intellectual and dissident Noam Chomsky. Read more