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Posts tagged ‘Religion’

New US Ambassadors

Via Twitter, President Donald Trump announced a new wave of ambassadorial appointments today: Read more

Hurricane Irma

I binge watched Hurricane Irma. Read more

Solar Eclipse

On August, 21st there was a solar eclipse. Read more

Bitter Writer

Bitter Writer is an advice column in which I answer any questions related to the literary world. Read more

Billy Bishop Airport

Billy Bishop airport, which sits tiny and sweet on Toronto Island, has the feel of a Fisher Price toy. Read more

Pulmonary Rehab

On the weekends almost all of the patients in my program at pulmonary rehabilitation go home. Read more


Donald Trump is the living embodiment of a cliffhanger. Read more

The Lake

There’s a stillness to waiting rooms.
Read more

Press Conference


Valentine’s Day Press Briefing by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer: Read more

Trump Photos

When Donald and Ivana Trump divorced Read more