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Posts tagged ‘Social Media’

The Winter Olympics

This is an exchange between myself and the excellent Kathryn McLeod about what the best Olympic Winter sport is: Read more

Minutes from my bookclub

Minutes from my Bookclub Read more

Huck Finn

I think I read Huck Finn in grade ten. Read more

Text Messages

These are the text messages that I recently sent to my wife Rachelle: Read more

100 Waitresses

100 Waitresses: Read more

Sexual Misconduct Apologies

I recently started a business Read more

Updated Sweethearts

As money is extremely tight, Read more

Questions to Santa

As many of you know, I’ve been working over the holidays for a service that answer’s Dear Santa letters: Read more

Atwood writes my Mother

As many of you know, Canadian literary legend Margaret Atwood Read more

The News

The other day I had the CBC National News on at 11:00. Read more