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Posts tagged ‘Women’

100 Waitresses–The Keg

It’s a Friday night just before Christmas and The Keg Mansion is insanely busy. Read more

Pub Night


Last night was Pub Night at the rehab centre. Read more

The Lake

There’s a stillness to waiting rooms.
Read more

Hospital Visit

In the foyer of the Toronto Western Hospital, a woman slightly past middle-age pushed a man in a wheelchair. Read more

Women’s March

As I was sitting at my desk on Saturday morning Read more

Leaked Transcript

Locker Room Talk with Trump
Read more

Princess Margaret Hospital

Outside of the Princess Margaret Hospital people sat about taking in the unseasonable temperature. Read more

Obscure Bible Verses About Baseball

The bible is long and weird. Read more

Trump Owned Mets

President Donald J. Trump’s Personal Notes preceding his ownership take-over of the New York Mets. Read more

Beauty and the Beast

The NRA has hired me to rewrite some fairy tales so that they are gun-friendly. Read more