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Posts tagged ‘Bears’

Text Messages From Rachelle


These are the text messages my wife sent to me the other day: Read more

Obscure Bible Verses About Baseball

The bible is long and weird. Read more

Putin Judo Speech

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ex-wife, Lyudmila, just married a man Read more

Putin Journal

Russian President Vladimir Putin had not been seen in public or on live TV for over a week. Read more

The Shirtless Jogger

One day, the Shirtless Jogger will be immortalized on a stamp. Read more

Birthday Letter to Queen Elizabeth II

April 21, 2014, Read more

Native American Birth Totems

I just came across a Native American form of zodiac table. Read more

Politicians Sexting

Anthony Weiner, who was a rising political star and democratic member of the House of Representatives, felt compelled to resign from Congress in 2011 after it was discovered that he had been sending photos of his dick to strangers on the Internet. Read more

Sponsoring a child in a disadvantaged region of the world

I’ve long been interested in charity, but it wasn’t until a recent conversation with my bookie that I realized I could actually become involved. Read more

A cab drive through the city

The other day it was 493 degrees in Toronto, a new high. Read more