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Posts tagged ‘Bloor Street’

Varsity Stadium


The other day I was in a cab heading east on Bloor Street. Read more

A Bird Story

On Sunday Rachelle and I went out for dinner at La Societe with my mother and sister. Read more


On Bloor Street, a weathered man, who once might have been a California golden boy Read more

A Bloor Street Moment

An older man, still tall and vital in manner, crossed the street against the lights while the rest of his lunch party did not. Read more

Going to the Dollar Store

The other day I was at the Dollar Store at Bloor and Bathurst and as I was at the cash paying, a woman suddenly appeared behind me. Read more

A Walk Along Bloor Street

A woman from the old world, dressed in mourning black, perhaps for decades since her husband died, walked by me on Bloor Street. Read more

The Heatwave

The heat has been punishing, booming down on the scorched concrete of the city like some mysterious weapon from space. Read more

Our Potential Japanese Exchange Student

Last week Rachelle and I received an email from an acquaintance that had been sent out to about 50 people that she knew and trusted. This is the email: Read more

Note found in a cafe

A written note found in a newspaper at a Starbucks on Bloor Street: Read more

Shopping at the Metro on Bloor

The other day I went to the Metro grocery store on Bloor. Read more