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Posts tagged ‘Elections’

Social Media for The Box Factory

As many of you know, I’ve been working at The Box Factory for a long time now. Read more

Hillary Clinton

On September 11th, Hillary Clinton had a medical episode of some sort. Read more

Donald Trump’s Anxiety Dreams

I’m Batman and I’m surveying the great skyline of my city Read more

Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper, the current Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party, is facing an election in about two months. Read more

Doug Ford Applies to Writer’s Retreat

Toronto hasn’t seen much of failed mayoral candidate and swaggering tough guy Doug Ford since the election. Read more

Endorsements for the mayor

On Tuesday, Toronto mayor Rob Ford had a meeting with boxing legend Mike Tyson. Read more

The Shirtless Jogger

One day, the Shirtless Jogger will be immortalized on a stamp. Read more

Proposal for CondomTO’s logos

Following successful campaigns in LA and New York, Toronto Public Health is launching CondomTO—a free limited edition condom that will be made available on June 4th at bars, clubs, hotels, gyms and clinics across the city. Read more

Messaging Mayor Rob Ford About The Quebec Charter Of Values

Fiscally conservative Toronto mayor Rob Ford and I talk. Read more