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Posts tagged ‘Apocalypse’

Updated Sweethearts

As money is extremely tight, Read more

Leaked Transcript

Locker Room Talk with Trump
Read more


The Sony hacks reveal what’s important. Read more

Text Messages from the Blackout

Last night while Rachelle was working late out in Scarborough, Toronto had another power outage. Read more

A long drive from Toronto to Ottawa

On Boxing Day Rachelle and I drove from our broken, powerless apartment in Toronto to visit my family in Ottawa. Read more

God Wants You To Make Money

God wants you to be rich. Read more

The Chinese Government’s use of propaganda in dealing with the smog in Shanghai


Achieving one of the highest pollution ratings in the history of the planet last week, the city of Shanghai was almost completely enveloped by smog. Read more

List of names for America’s new war on Syria

I have created a list of possible names for America’s new war on Syria: Read more

A Mail Delivery in Strange Times

Things have been pretty weird lately. Read more

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Last night Rachelle had an ice hockey game at 9:00 pm. I expected she’d be back by 10:30 or 11:00, but when I hadn’t heard from her by midnight I decided to send her a text to find out what was up. What follows are her responses to my various messages: Read more