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Posts tagged ‘fights’

Obscure Bible Verses About Baseball

The bible is long and weird. Read more

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, an online nation of 37 million people looking to cheat on their spouses, has been hacked.  Read more

A Bar

The guy sitting next to me at the bar has the patchy, aspiring beard of a 21 year-old. Read more

Bar Fight

On Wednesday nights when Rachelle’s playing hockey, I often go to a bar for a couple of hours. Read more

Whole Foods

The other day while I was shopping at Whole Foods in Yorkville there was a confrontation. Read more

An Altercation

On Monday there was an altercation. Read more

Christie Pits

On Sunday I went to Christie Pits to watch the semi-pro Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Hamilton Cardinals in an Intercounty League game of baseball. Read more

A Taxi Ride

The other day I grabbed a taxi, and as I got into the back seat I commented to the driver, “ So, you think the rain is going to hold off again?” Read more

Excerpts from Milan Lucic’s anti-bullying book for children

Hulking and easily agitated, Boston Bruins truculent winger Milan Lucic isn’t just an NHL star who was recently bounced from the playoffs, but is also the co-author of a children’s book called “ Not Cool To Bully In School.” Read more

Connecting with an old personal trainer

My third-to-last personal trainer was a young man named Ronan Coltan. Read more