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International Men’s Day

My favourite holiday of the year is International Men’s Day. Read more

Night Nurse

Through Rachelle’s pregnancy and the birth of Jones, our first child, we’ve learned an awful lot. Read more


The other night we went out for dinner at Foxley on Ossington. Read more

Excerpts from Milan Lucic’s anti-bullying book for children

Hulking and easily agitated, Boston Bruins truculent winger Milan Lucic isn’t just an NHL star who was recently bounced from the playoffs, but is also the co-author of a children’s book called “ Not Cool To Bully In School.” Read more

God Wants You To Make Money

God wants you to be rich. Read more

Press Releases for Mayor Rob Ford that I have been hired to write.

As many of you know, embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and I were enrolled at Carleton University in Ottawa at the same time. Read more