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Posts tagged ‘Owls’

Heidi Blog

As many of you know we had to give up Heidi, our Miniature Dachshund, when it became vividly clear that she and our son Jones were not compatible. Read more

A Bird

I was walking up the street the other day  Read more

BuzzFeed quiz

The other day I wrote one of those time-killing quizzes for the web empire Buzzfeed. Read more

Ford Remembers

On midnight on November 30th, Rob Ford’s reign as mayor of Toronto officially came to an end. Read more

Text Messages from the Blackout

Last night while Rachelle was working late out in Scarborough, Toronto had another power outage. Read more

Possible Rob Ford Campaign Slogans

As many of you know, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and I are almost always on the same page. Read more

Native American Birth Totems

I just came across a Native American form of zodiac table. Read more

Phone Messages Left By George W. Bush

In 2010, US taxpayers covered $1.3 million in living expenses– including $80,000 in phone bills– for Ex-President George W. Bush. Read more

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: What He Was Thinking

As many of you know, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and I were accidental drinking buddies back in our College days at Carleton University in Ottawa. Read more

Heidi Blog–Heidi to run for Mayor of Toronto

Today I have given the Blog over to Heidi, our Miniature Dachshund. Read more