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Rogers Campaign for Gastrointestinal Health and Awareness

On January 28th Bell launched the Let’s Talk campaign. For every tweet or text that included the hashtag Let’s Talk, the telecommunications behemoth donated five cents to mental health initiatives across the nation. Bell ended up donating over five million dollars, in the process gaining all sorts of positive publicity and filling social media feeds with the personal experiences of people who have at some point had to confront mental illness. It was all kind of uncomfortable, like seeing Macklemore win a Grammy.

Celebrities, politicians and common folks jumped on the bandwagon, many wearing blue bracelets in support of the cause, and a little bit of over-sharing might have taken place, but still, a bunch of money and awareness was raised. The success of this venture has led Rogers, Bell’s rival, to do something very similar. On January 31st, Roger’s launched their Everybody Poops campaign, where for every tweet or text that included the hashtag RogersEverybodyPoops, six cents would be donated to gastrointestinal health initiative across the country.

These are some of the tweets that went out on that day:

Clint Eastwood

Go ahead, make my day and RT #RogersEverybodyPoops



Bowel movements are nothing to be ashamed of!! Please RT #RogersEverybodyPoops


Sarah Polley

Life’s no picnic when every bowel movement feels like an emergency. Please help by retweeting #RogersEverybodyPoops



We need to end the stigma that prevents people from talking openly about their bowel movements! Fight silence!! #RogersEverybodyPoops


William Shatner

I had a rectal polyp the size of a walnut and the pain was unreal. #RogersEverybodyPoops



Fart jokes are not funny!! They are a form of BULLYING! Please RT #RogersEverybodyPoops


Justin Trudeau

What would Justin do? Justin would bring attention to the gastrointestinal health of Canadians. Let’s knock out Colon Cancer! #RogersEverybodyPoops



I didn’t fart in front of my boyfriend for three years. Why?? The silence and shame must stop! #RogersEverybodyPoops



Because of my IBS I have to use public washrooms all the time and it is unsafe #RogersEverybodyPoops


Dion Phaneuf

Nobody likes to leave a floater in the toilet. #RogersEverybodyPoops



My stool is very unpredictable and always smells horrible. It’s time for pooping to come out of the closet! #RogersEverybodyPoops


Rob Ford

Nothing feels as awesome as a good dump, so let’s give all Canadians, not just the elites, that opportunity. #RogersEverydodyPoops



The runs aren’t just something that happens to your stockings. We need to talk about this! #RogersEverybodyPoops


Pamela Anderson

Nothing is a bigger turn off than blood or mucus in your stool. Let’s get our shit together! #RogersEverybodyPoops


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